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by Wednesday

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released January 31, 2018


all rights reserved



Wednesday Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, NC

“I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone”
Out February 7th on Orindal Records


♪┏ ( ・o・) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪

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Track Name: luv
Baby, why don’t you luv me?
Kiss me while i’m sweet and 20.
I have luv I still have plenty.
Found my honey searchin’ Craigslist
Could I be your missed connection?
Did you see me on the street?
Did you think I was a blessing?
The silent music of melting ice,
Will you sing me “Edelveis”?
Don’t make a scene
At the airport when you leave
Just get on the train darling
Do you remember hiding your house key?

Carve our initials into desks
(try our best to make a mess)
Using sharp points of a compass
(hoping it doesn’t make you luv me less)
Kissin’ in the living room
Dearest, won’t you scratch my surface
Walk out of the room we’re in luv no longer
Our luv was sensory just tender over Tinder
Give me the architecture
Of how our luv ought to work

Draw me on your floor plan,
Construct me on your dirt.
Track Name: Über to Therapy
Samuel walks through trees with me,
Let my branches burn down the chimney,
I don’t want to be at your party,
Don’t want anyone to talk to me…

On your roller skates,
Showin’ me my baby teeth,
Turn the light down I’m seein’ red,
Wanna be a child with you again.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧ ゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Shadow of the moon on me,
Take an Über to therapy
Is there something here for me to eat?
Nevermind, I am not hungry.

Use your sticky fingers to/
Open up my window and look through/
Make the face that you always do,

Really wanna go with you...
Really wanna go with you…
Really wanna go with you but there is really no more room
But there is truly no more room.
Track Name: Mirror Pep Talk
I spend my hours being unassuming
I play the game but I am always losing
Feels like I’m watching a dumb movie
My brain feels bad but I’ll keep on moving.

I died in my dreams last night...
I still see you in fluorescent lights...
You were kept in the safety of suburbanites...
I can’t tell if I’m hurtin’ right...

I’m a bug on it’s back
I am prone to your sway
I’m trying my best
Just to get through the day

I’m okay
I’m okay
I’m okay

I trust these lines to keep the cars in place
But I know that these lines won’t keep me safe
I trust the lines in the road to keep the cars in place
But I know that these lines, won’t keep me safe.
Track Name: Dollywood
I know I am deathless,
I’m feelin’ breathless
U R the beginning of all songs
I know, I am autumn

I’m no prouder than my kitchen floor
Somehow I was born in November
Woven into grass and flowers
Bent towards the sun with ur words

Your yellow window bright night
I’m a moth flying towards the light
Miss myself again
I’ll be better when
Track Name: "Impression, Sunrise"
Do not think to look at me
Quite so voyeuristically
“Olympia” in ‘63

Degas at the ballet:
What is your impression of me?
Training at the art school,
Just like all the other students

What are your color theories
Paint me while I’m feelin’ weary
Seconds are quickly fleeing
Stop acting so cavalierly

How does the light look when i’m angry?
Monet puts the red sun on me.
dance in countries and in cities
“Luncheon of the Boating Party”

“Impression, Sunrise”
I thought I saw you crying
Degrees you’ll be applying
I thought I heard you lying

It’s simply a self portrait
Even though it is distorted
I know it’s not important
Even though it’s pretty morbid

Strange angles
“Show me an angel and I’ll paint one”
Track Name: Dandruff
sometimes I’ll
simply ask you to leave
then I will start
to feel so guilty
maybe I misunderstood their
they just want to be alone
with me

R U there with another girl instead of me????
forget your jealousy
save me from this purgatory
2001 or 2 or 3
leave a daisy and walk away

This is the year I met myself!
This is the year I met myself!
This is the year I met myself!

I am so lucky,
that my feelings are so heavy,
I don’t need love consistently,
I don’t need love to be happy.
Track Name: Winn-Dixie
If u ask me why
I’m running into you
Only passing through
Lips taste bitter
when they don’t belong to you
In your bedroom
Years after I met you
Moving far away soon
Use my sleeve to blow your nose into

Feeling like I might melt
Sitting on a chair in hell
If you’re nice to me you go to heaven
If you’re mean to me you go to jail
Fruit in the fridge
I don’t have energy to eat
it won’t be long
til i’m feelin’ really bittersweet
I don’t know your cold months
I haven’t seen your winter clothes
From here I could tell that
You were shakin’ in your speedo

I’m seeing you in paintings
Your names rhyming with everything
Allergic to your bee sting
Which person are you worshipping?
A broken foot on the box spring
At least you recognize your feelings!

Look forward to a lonesome evening,
On ceilings were underachieving,
You closed the window I’m forgiving,
I am so happy that I’m leaving!
Track Name: sugarwater
defiance in deep loneliness
runoff that comes from rotten teeth
devalue all our intimacy
your dream boat is still incomplete
glitter of all our history
tastes like it lacks autonomy

i will rendezvous
with poetry
get your bedroom
eyes away from me

your voice sounds just like
a tangerine

i am counting backwards from infinity
i am counting backwards from infinity
count backwards from infinity


I turned away from my memory of you. You were too young to be so used. I hope you know I’m well on earth. I hope you’re comfy in the dirt. I am feeling antsy. If you moved to Mars would you still call me? I had known you only briefly, but we spent our time so sweetly.
Now my life is really messy, I trained my brain for the hurt to lessen. But I go back to the memory of you, as soon as I had forgotten you. If you moved to Venus, would you still answer all my emails? It was really nice to visit ya, when you were in Pennsylvania.

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